Thursday, December 6, 2012

a christmas time of year

I gave in.  We have a real tree this year.

I will admit it looks nicer than last year's, although the headache factor of getting it all set up was much higher (needles everywhere, sawing off sappy branches, automatic water-er leaking on the floor, etc.)

But we had a lot of fun with DIY ornaments!  Pulling inspiration from Sherry at YHL, we grabbed some plain glass ornaments from Michael's plus glitter, feathers, paint, and ribbon.  I also made some origami stars.  Check it out!

We also grabbed some furry friends from Crate & Barrel to join in the fun:

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  1. that's awesome! you should put some liquor in a few of those ornaments.. maybe 25 of them.. and each day of december you take a shot out of one..