Friday, September 28, 2012

bedroom happenings

We're back from our Barcelona / Sitges trip!  But I haven't gone through all the photos yet so that post will have to wait.  While the trip was amazing, I was really excited to come home.  And even more excited because I had packages waiting for me!  Hello my new friends:

Oh yes, it's time to stop neglecting the bedroom.  I've done almost nothing with the bedroom since moving in.  Sure, I slapped some paint on the walls and threw furniture in there, but for the most part I haven't really thought about flow or utility or how to maximize storage in the small space.  But one thing I did do was hang curtains.  And this is how it's looked for 2 years:

Yes, there are 2 floor lamps just sitting there taking up space.  Please ignore.  I'm trying to figure out what to do with lighting in here.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Happy weekend everyone!  

Someone got me sunflowers & rigorously cleaned the apartment.
I'm going to Spain on Monday.
My jaw is un-broken!
Tivo (Glee!)

Celebrating with a martini and sushi date night.  


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We've added a few pasta dishes into regular rotation.  Both are super easy, super fast, and typically leave leftovers.  Both are also generally soft and squishy, which is important if you are having problems chewing.  Yes, that's me right now.  Ugh. 

Here are the quasi-recipes.  And as always, the ingredients can be found at your local beloved Trader Joe's.

//Capellini with Smoked Salmon, Spinach & Capers
The idea here is to cook up some pasta and then let the heat of the pasta do the rest of the work!  

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Even though I've been struggling to get projects done, we have made some progress!  Let's see, shall we?  As I mentioned last time, I embarked on repainting all the trim in the apartment.  In doing something like this, it was the natural opportunity to swap out old hardware.  Here's a glimpse at what our old hinges looked like:

Aren't you a gem.

Well now we have these instead:

Much better, yes?  And check out the shiny fresh paint job!  (Okay I have to admit there's one door / hinge combo left to do, but I'll get there soon!)