Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A little over a week ago I went to dinner at Deuxave. It was a little chilly, drizzling, and they didn't have blue cheese stuffed olives for my martini. But it was all-around one of the best dinners I've had.

I had...

Prime Beef Tartare & Wagyu Carpaccio
Scallops (with mushrooms, peas, and cumin carrot puree... way better than it sounds)
Vanilla & Olive Oil Parfait (pictured above, served with green tea cake, poached rhubarb, lychee sorbet, and lychee foam... yum)

Absolutely delicious and well-presented food, great company, a quiet little corner.

Monday, April 25, 2011

windy city (catching up)

I'm super behind with posts, but I figured it was time to fill in some of the gaps. A few weeks ago I squeezed a Chicago trip in between my usual LGA-BOS work route, and had exactly the weekend I needed. It was a few days of being pampered in a lovely boutique hotel, wandering like tourists, and fantastic dining (gorging?)
In that order...


We stayed in The James Hotel, a gorgeously-decorated and posh (but not ostentatious) boutique right by the Magnificent Mile. I was instantly in love, and became an even greater fan when I was upgraded to a one-bed apartment from a standard room. I wanted to steal all their furniture and decor. Was also completely inspired by the bathroom for a potential future reno of my own. Highly recommend it!


Nothing too special to report here. I've been to the windy city before, but it was fun to wander, take photos, ignore work emails, and pretend I'd never seen the Bean before. Weather cooperated more than anticipated, which was def a perk, although that extra pair of tights in my bag came in really handy.


Dinner at David Burke's Primehouse was definitely a highlight. It was the full dining experience. From the perfectly-made dirty martini (complete with blue cheese stuffed olives.. yum) to the popovers, the Caesar salad made in front of us table-side (yes, every ingredient of the dressing), the best steaks I've tasted in my life, a completely delightful waiter, and then a tour of the salt-tiled aging room to round out the night. Yes.

Additional stand-out meals included
brunch at the Grand Lux and The Signature Lounge on the 96th floor at John Hancock for Naba & Bejan's "wedding anniversary".

Lazy days, good food, great company, and all sorts of relaxation. Just what I needed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


(Janie Taylor, ballerina - clothing by Chloé - photography by Bon Duke - all found here)

I haven't posted in ages. I will default and blame work. In reality it's more the adjustment to changes in work-life balance. Been traveling 4 days a week for the past 6 weeks, resulting in combined feelings of homesickness and homelessness. Sitting in the hotel at night I don't exactly want to be in front of my laptop all the time, and I find myself more often on the phone. When back in Boston I am excited and energized, but also bleary-eyed and overwhelmed with trying to be super-productive.

Trying not to whine, just adjust.

At the moment I am hanging out with PowerPoint and what's left of 4-hour old room service. As much as I just need to get this done and get in bed, I find myself reverting to my college self and procrastinating.

I keep watching this video of Janie Taylor, fueling dance inspiration and visions of wedding attire.