Monday, September 27, 2010

rainy monday

Been raining all day. Kinda a drag, especially since I'm on the road. Would be so happy if I had my rain boots (and if they were appropriate work attire).

I can't believe it's been a week since my last post. Sometimes it really baffles me how quickly the time passes, and I do have to wonder if I'm spending it in the most productive way. Productive not necessarily equating to efficiency, but more focusing on progress towards some (admittedly undefined) end goal.

Been in a bit of a reflective state lately, I think a combined effect of having recently seen family, visited with old friends, and started yet another project at work. All have made me realize time has passed and that whether or not I have been conscious of it, I had / have some expectations about what life would look like at this point. Of course the reality doesn't exactly mirror the expectations. And that's okay. In some ways it's better; but there are other undeniable areas for improvement and focus.

Somewhat choppy photodiary of the past week. Philly with Jason to recruit at Wharton, but the real highlight was seeing Steph...

NY for work didn't warrant any photos, but Fri night back in the Bean meant Royale with some dancers...

Drove to CT on Sat with Bella (!!!) for Nick & Naoco's wedding. Beautiful, heartfelt, and sincere but lighthearted and playful. Great to reunite with so many amazing and fun people from MIT. Wish I had taken more photos, but it seemed like many others had that well under control.

Got back on Sunday and spent the evening eating leftover Cracker Barrel from the ride home (thanks, Andre), watching Nikita, finally finishing the closets, and starting to paint the hallways. The cordless drill is a great invention.

Looking ahead I think I'm in NY, Dallas, and Chicago across upcoming weeks. My body aches to dance. I miss my Nailz.

Monday, September 20, 2010


As usual, home has been amazing.

Now I'm doing that thing I always do, where even though I am exhausted I don't go to bed because I don't want tomorrow to come. (Even though technically it's already here.)

Family is always refreshing. It's like hitting the reset button when life starts to become a blur. Even though I haven't slept nearly as much as I had hoped for the long weekend, I had a lot of great food and got a ton of shopping done. I didn't actually buy everything, but I did a lot of online browsing, window
shopping, sitting on couches, and walking on rugs to figure out what I want. Did make an oversized purchase of living room furniture.. not gonna need all of that so some of it will be sold again in the future, once I figure out the feel of the place.

Kinda failed at taking photos this weekend. I wish I had documented our food, but I guess I was too eager to eat. Instead, I just have this lovely photo of Andrew and Mom modeling one of my favorite couches of the weekend.

(momma and andrew; benny sofa)

Tomorrow I return to reality. Meeting Jason in Philly to recruit at Wharton, then direct to Purchase, NY for the rest of the week.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

slow & steady

Life has been dominated by the apartment and work. I finally took a couple days off (to take care of apartment stuff, and because I was maxed out on vacay) but it doesn't seem to have made a huge difference. But the pile of stuff in the middle of the living room is slowly disappearing and I may actually sleep in my bedroom tonight.

Lots of small setbacks. Lots of things to buy. Looking forward to shopping with my mommy this weekend and getting it all straight in my head.

But today at work I got a staffing / scheduling surprise. Looks like I'm only going to be in Boston for 2 nights through the end of the month. I imagine I won't bee too productive around here so better hurry up tonight!

No photo updates for now. Progress doesn't look good enough to document. Focus on Bmore tomorrow. And packing lots of work clothes. If I can find them.

Monday, September 6, 2010


In spite of being a holiday weekend, it's been pretty exhausting. Seems the first bit was socializing and the second bit was slaving away. The apartment is coming along, but much more slowly than anticipated. But I guess I just gotta take it all in stride.

(the current state of my nails. fortune cookies impart infinite wisdom)

The big move is Friday; it will be a while until I'm actually settled, seeing as my room and bathroom are currently uninhabitable.
I'm a bit overwhelmed to say the least because tomorrow will surely be a long day at work, Wednesday and Thursday I'll be in Georgia, and 9am Friday must be ready for movers. Then back to the office by 1pm.

Most definitely looking forward to taking a few vacation days - settling in then R&R with mommy.

I leave you with a preview:

(colors seem off on my screen. floors are dirty. home.)