Monday, September 20, 2010


As usual, home has been amazing.

Now I'm doing that thing I always do, where even though I am exhausted I don't go to bed because I don't want tomorrow to come. (Even though technically it's already here.)

Family is always refreshing. It's like hitting the reset button when life starts to become a blur. Even though I haven't slept nearly as much as I had hoped for the long weekend, I had a lot of great food and got a ton of shopping done. I didn't actually buy everything, but I did a lot of online browsing, window
shopping, sitting on couches, and walking on rugs to figure out what I want. Did make an oversized purchase of living room furniture.. not gonna need all of that so some of it will be sold again in the future, once I figure out the feel of the place.

Kinda failed at taking photos this weekend. I wish I had documented our food, but I guess I was too eager to eat. Instead, I just have this lovely photo of Andrew and Mom modeling one of my favorite couches of the weekend.

(momma and andrew; benny sofa)

Tomorrow I return to reality. Meeting Jason in Philly to recruit at Wharton, then direct to Purchase, NY for the rest of the week.

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