Monday, September 6, 2010


In spite of being a holiday weekend, it's been pretty exhausting. Seems the first bit was socializing and the second bit was slaving away. The apartment is coming along, but much more slowly than anticipated. But I guess I just gotta take it all in stride.

(the current state of my nails. fortune cookies impart infinite wisdom)

The big move is Friday; it will be a while until I'm actually settled, seeing as my room and bathroom are currently uninhabitable.
I'm a bit overwhelmed to say the least because tomorrow will surely be a long day at work, Wednesday and Thursday I'll be in Georgia, and 9am Friday must be ready for movers. Then back to the office by 1pm.

Most definitely looking forward to taking a few vacation days - settling in then R&R with mommy.

I leave you with a preview:

(colors seem off on my screen. floors are dirty. home.)

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