Tuesday, August 31, 2010

goodbye august

I don't know where the time goes.

I feel so much has happened, but it's too late in the evening to try to be comprehensive. Maybe brevity is key.

Been pondering: Is it wrong to take something just because you can, even if you don't really want it? Does it make a difference if others want it too?

Number of unread messages in my inbox = 0. This happens about twice a year.

Step one is complete, and I am in love. Mike from L&M Floors, you do great work.

(goodbye carpet & blah floors. hello, gorgeous)

Thanks to work, I ended up in Chicago for some of the weekend, made complete by a last minute visit from my darling and her hubby. Thanks for coming out to see me :) It's a beautiful city, but the real highlight was seeing those two happy and healthy and truly caring for one another.


In other news, happy birthday, Stevie. If you happen to stumble here (and I'll tell you anyway incase you don't), thanks for always being there and being real. Love.

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