Thursday, August 5, 2010

design mode

Spare time lately has been consumed with thoughts of my upcoming design project. Trying to find that perfect balance of modern but livable, inspired but calming, colorful but adaptable. And most of all, glamorous and luxurious but affordable.

I think I'm pretty set on dark wood floors. The current debate is light and neutral walls versus something much more bold and daring. Leaning towards more subtle on the walls with bolder colored accents.

I mentioned in a previous post my obsession with CB2 and west elm. I've graduated to stalking designers for inspiration. Drake Design Associates have been on my radar since my dad tipped me off on Drake during that interior design & decoration class I took last summer. Drake has made me reconsider the use of vibrant colors.

(drake design associates,

New find courtesy of web-stalking Kelly Framel
is the very talented Ryan Korban. His use of color is very different - more organic and soothing. I think I'd like to find a balance of the two.

(ryan korban,

Would kinda love to just have shoes all over my living room as decoration. Not too far removed from my previous display of sneakers next to the fireplace, maybe just a bit classier.

Just heard from mom. She was perusing craigslist and ebay for me today. She's so cute! I much appreciate the help here. Her design eye is amazing and I feel a little overwhelmed to say the least. Time to start playing with room dimensions.

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