Monday, November 26, 2012

london {photodiary}

I've finally sorted through pictures from London!  This is some blend of a photodiary and a (too detailed) account of what we did - maybe it will be interesting to you, but mostly it's so I don't forget what we did.  I hadn't been to London since a family trip around 1999, so it was certainly a treat to explore once again.  Overall it was wonderful.  I got rained on some and wasn't quite prepared for the cold, but loved it nonetheless. 

//Sunday - Tuesday
As I mentioned a few weeks back, I had a few days of work to put in and then had 2 days to play on my own while Adam finished up work stuff.  So for both of us, these days were work during the day + dinner and wandering at night.  

A certain favorite was Byron Hamburgers, recommended by my brother and his wifey, who used to live in London.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


We made it to Paris!  It's officially vacation for both of us, rather than being in work mode for most of London.

Currently sitting in the hotel room enjoying our view of the Eiffel, with some Rhone wine, a baguette, and brie - so delicious and inexpensive!  Good thing we don't have cardiovascular health concerns (although the wine is good for that!)

Time to wander soon.  More to come!