Monday, October 29, 2012


Hello from London!  I ended up coming a few days early because of Hurricane Sandy.  American Airlines was kind enough to offer a complimentary flight change to get me out of Boston a few days early, so I left Saturday evening rather than Tuesday.  I only made the call Sat afternoon, so I ended up having to pack frantically, didn't exactly sleep on the plane, and then spent an agonizing morning trying to stay awake and do work in the lobby of the Grosvenor House (a JW Marriott!) until our room was ready.  Turns out the Patriots were here too - as in, staying at the hotel - for their game at Wembley Stadium.  We didn't see them, but ran into lots of Pats fans.  Kinda felt like we were still in Boston.  

I'm in the room doing work today, feeling mostly recovered.  I popped out quickly to grab a snack and some wine (for later), and checked out the views along Park Lane.  It's nice out today!  Hopefully weather will cooperate this week, although I think it plans to rain. 

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