Friday, October 19, 2012

bathroom art {updates}

Yes, I'm still struggling to get those last things done to call the bathroom facelift "complete".  But we finally have pretty stuff in frames hanging on the wall:

We have had these for months.  Finally in early September I took action and made some trusty catalog templates to test out different configurations (like we did with the tv).

Should they both be straight ahead?  Or one on each wall?  Or both on the left?  So many questions!

What would that look like in the mirror?  Insert a lot of agonizing and tweaking here.

Ultimately we went with both straight ahead.  I like the idea of something on the left, but wanted something above the toilet to keep that wall from looking too bare.  Plus we like seeing them from the kitchen, since the doorways are pretty much aligned across the hall.  I think they are a little small, but will do for now.

The lady is printed on an 1881 German magazine by this guy I found on Etsy, and I love her.  It's hard to tell from the photos, but she's floating between 2 panes of glass in this frame from C&B.  The fishies are from Ikea.  Thought they were cute so they will do for now.  

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