Sunday, October 21, 2012

four eyes

In addition to the sheers and curtain rings, some new glasses were waiting for me when we returned from Barcelona a few weeks back.  Since I already have two pairs which I wear regularly, I didn't feel the need to get too spendy with new glasses, but had an allowance through vision insurance.  Free money?  Yes please.

So I decided to go with Warby Parker since they have frames + anti-reflective lenses for a whopping $95, plus some sweet deal of free shipping, free returns, and home try-on.  I had done home try-on a few months back but didn't loove anything.  I also checked some out in person when they had a corner in Stel's (which has since closed).  Then they came out with their fall collection and I pulled the trigger on the Linwood in striped chestnut.

It's a keeper.  They're better quality than some critics claim, but probably not as great compared to the ones Luxottica churns out, or any fancier European ones.

In a moment of indecision I also got the Webb, which I returned (I have big cheeks so tall frames don't work).  Of course I also photoshopped my options before making a purchase because that's what I do.

Awesome.. Adam's arm is like 8 feet long!  I photoshopped many others too, but they didn't look as cool.  If you're interested, above left to right is Linwood in striped chestnut, Linwood in violet magnolia, and Webb in amber from Warby Parker, and Lenox from Eyefly.

Speaking of Eyefly, there are def other options out there for buying glasses on the Interwebs with Warby Parker-esque price points and business models.  To my knowledge, decent options include:

I'll be considering those for prescription sunglasses maybe next year.  Are there others I've missed?

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