Thursday, March 8, 2012

project sneak peekery

A shower update is coming soon.. I will say things are looking good!  (And nothing else has fallen off the wall haha).  As I should have mentioned before, the new grout in the shower would have to cure for 48 hours, followed by sealing then caulking, which needs ~36 hours before being exposed to water.  So things aren't officially done, but I will post the end results soon!

In the mean time, of course I had other things going on.  Here's a preview of posts to come (whenever I get to actually doing these things, that is).

1// Get this baby mounted!
This is our new toy (Samsung's UN55D8000 55" 3D LED HDTV)!  He will be mounted on the living room wall oh-so-beautifully on Sunday afternoon, replacing a similar sized but much clunkier version which currently monopolizes the top of the media stand.

2// Pick some paint!  (for the other bathroom, which is due for "renovation" as well)
Note: the top photo was taken on the kitchen floor - I was not sitting in the bathroom drinking tea haha.  

While the bathroom stuff was curing / drying / airing out I occupied myself with plans to make the other bathroom all spiffy too (this is where I have been showering in the interim, thank goodness for 2 full bathrooms).  Of course a repeat of the tile facelift will happen, along with fresh paint and other exciting things.  Now which color...


  1. haha we have all of the swatches from home depot too! often times, that's the most exhausting part..

    also, i like the 8th swatch family the best.. the one with the tans/auburn hues..

    1. it IS so exhausting!

      I kept trying to discard that one bc I wanted to go with punchier, darker colors but then kept putting it back in bc it's soothing and earthy. Not sure what we're going for yet..