Saturday, March 10, 2012

bathroom (mis)adventures {part 2}

I am pleased to announce my shower "renovation" has been successfully completed!  Actually I have yet to shower in there but here's hoping nothing completely unexpected and tragic happens when I do. 

As a reminder, my plan was to:
1// clean grout and tile with the bathroom cleaner
2// clear out any loose grout and fill in all grout holes
3// coat grout with whitener
4// seal the grout
5// re-caulk everything

In my previous post, I had gotten #1 and part of #2 done when I got diverted.  Picking up where I left off, here are the rest of the details, and the final reveal! 

Day 2, continued:
I waited the prescribed 3 hours for the soap dish to get nicely re-secured to the wall:

As that was wrapping up, I tackled the rest of the caulking.  I was mildly horrified to discover most of it was wet when I pulled it out, indicating leaks.  When all those bits were cleaned up, we were looking like this:

Time to fill all those gaps with grout!  It was so easy - I just cut the tip of the grout tube's nozzle at an angle as instructed and it formed the perfect applicant.  I didn't take any action shots but here's my first attempt (filling the gaps got easier as I got the hang of it):

Following instructions, I wiped up the excess and then let the stuff dry for a good 48 hours before moving on.  

Day 3:
I couldn't quite wait 48 hours before doing anything, so I started applying some of the whitener.  As a reminder, here's my arsenal:
The whitener is applied with the foam nozzle - I felt a bit like I was using white-out for the grout.  Which is guess is essentially true haha.  You're supposed to let it dry 4+ hours then wipe the excess off of the tiles, which was really easy.  Here's an after shot (also, notice the fixed soap dish!)

Day 4:
With all the grout dry, I finished up applying the whitener and after it dried, the sealer.  Steps 3 and 4 done so quickly!  The sealer made no visual difference but here's a photo anyway - look how white!!!!

Thennnn finally #5, caulking!  I also took no action photo here but mostly because it was a mini-disaster as my first attempt using a caulk gun.  I finally got it right though.  Took 2 layers though because I didn't put it on thick enough the first time.  



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