Friday, July 23, 2010


Taking a break from packing up my life, I (rather appropriately) came across this article. Made me wonder if I could do it - go about my daily life with only six articles of clothing. I rotate through staples quite frequently, but they fall into categories of work clothes, dance clothes, bum/play clothes, and going out.. does it still count if I have six pieces of clothing in each category? No, that's totally cheating. But would be an interesting exercise.

A few things stood out to me:

1) Really, nobody noticed? I feel at least the people you see most days (coworkers, close friends) would eventually catch on.

2) "women, on average, own seven pairs of jeans but wear only four regularly... One in four women asked by the magazine said she owned 10 pairs or more." Okay fine I can believe the ratio. But is owning more than 10 pairs really so uncommon / outlandish? I think I own closer to 20. And probably wear about 4. Granted, the number actually worn has been on the decline, as I have recently found jeans to be more much more boring and restrictive - both physically and in terms of versatility - than other bottom-wear options.

3) And this is my favorite... "Addy, from Milwaukee, wrote that she had become so bored with her six items 'that I don’t even have a desire to get up in the morning,' and she complained of mood swings." HAHA! I love it. But secretly, it scares me, because I feel I might react the same way. Or I might feel completely liberated.

I don't quite feel compelled to try this myself, maybe because I feel my wardrobe size can be justified by savvy shopping and lots of hand-me-downs from my mom and sister. Plus I have trouble getting rid of stuff.

All of this will be good to keep in the back of my brain as I enter this next month with a limited wardrobe and limited access to all my stuff. Moving is such a pain, but sometimes the purge really is just so painfully good. Maybe I can think more clearly without all the clutter.

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  1. of all the people i know you have the most fun outfits ... if you only wore 6 things...i would be really sad.