Tuesday, July 13, 2010

thoughts from the platinum fireplace suite

I have been meaning to post again, but finding a subject - a direction, a motivating factor - has been difficult. I have been seeking something I feel is relevant. Something that comes from a real place. Rather than continuing to doubt and delay, I finally just started writing because I guess the reality is that whatever is going on at this moment is what is relevant, right?

It turns out Appleton, Wisconsin has a lot of bars. And even out here, seafood can be good. When wrapped in bacon. And served over truffled wild mushroom risotto. No, for real, it was delicious.

It also seems some things are just too difficult to reconcile without facing head-on. People are complicated creatures (although when it comes down to it, really very simple) - but this makes it all the more frustrating when, try as I may, I just can't understand. Motivations, weaknesses, reasons, excuses. It all becomes muddled. How do you know when you are okay with things? And what does that even mean?

For a completely unrelated reason, these next few weeks could be quite telling of my next few years. It will be good to get home to Boston (is that really my home?) to get back to procrastinating packing. I think I'll sew instead.

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  1. sew me an original lia♥lee dress! (i just came up with that...i like how it sounds. lets make tags.)