Wednesday, September 15, 2010

slow & steady

Life has been dominated by the apartment and work. I finally took a couple days off (to take care of apartment stuff, and because I was maxed out on vacay) but it doesn't seem to have made a huge difference. But the pile of stuff in the middle of the living room is slowly disappearing and I may actually sleep in my bedroom tonight.

Lots of small setbacks. Lots of things to buy. Looking forward to shopping with my mommy this weekend and getting it all straight in my head.

But today at work I got a staffing / scheduling surprise. Looks like I'm only going to be in Boston for 2 nights through the end of the month. I imagine I won't bee too productive around here so better hurry up tonight!

No photo updates for now. Progress doesn't look good enough to document. Focus on Bmore tomorrow. And packing lots of work clothes. If I can find them.

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