Thursday, September 6, 2012


Even though I've been struggling to get projects done, we have made some progress!  Let's see, shall we?  As I mentioned last time, I embarked on repainting all the trim in the apartment.  In doing something like this, it was the natural opportunity to swap out old hardware.  Here's a glimpse at what our old hinges looked like:

Aren't you a gem.

Well now we have these instead:

Much better, yes?  And check out the shiny fresh paint job!  (Okay I have to admit there's one door / hinge combo left to do, but I'll get there soon!)

Now if we step back for a wider angle view, we get this:

Ahh, so much nicer with matching knobs and hinges.  And hello, is that a new trash can?  Why yes it is.  It's one of those fancy Simple Human guys (or "Smart People" as it's known in certain circles).  We also have some artwork lined up to hang, but weren't ready to pull the trigger quite yet.  

While we're on the hallway bath, there was one other thing we crossed off our bathroom lingering items list - the ugly (and crooked) door-mounted robe hook:

Say hello to our new (but poorly photographed) friend!

Don't you love how he matches the towel rod and tp holder?  We do.

Now if you come around the corner you will also see these newly-luminescent speaker towers:

Adam has owned these speakers for a long time, but they just got an upgrade thanks to some Ikea LED light strips.  We knew we wanted them but couldn't quite figure out where to put them.  Behind the top ledge of the media center was second contender, but we thought this looked cooler.  Light-up speakers!  It gives the room an extra something at night.  Plus, having ambient light like this near the tv is supposed to help reduce eye strain.  So I'm all for it! 

That's it for new progress, all in the details.  

But just because I feel like it and because I don't think I showed him before in all his glory, here's a close up of our robot:

And also just because, here's the magnificent brass ram head perched in our tiny living room window.  He's been a long-time possession of my family, gifted to me (upon request) when I moved into the current digs.  

More updates are coming as I slowly struggle through my project a.d.d.  We are converging on solutions though!  

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