Tuesday, November 23, 2010

chasing daylight

I started writing this post a few weeks ago in a moment of downtime at work. Appropriately enough, it got lost in the shuffle until just now...

I remember one of the first CDs I ever purchased was Sister Hazel's somewhere more familiar album. I think my sister and I found it in some second-hand shop somewhere in NYC; probably got it for about $5 and figured it might be good.

Turns out some of Sister Hazel's earlier albums (somewhere more familiar, Fortress, Chasing Daylight) have gifted some of my favorite songs, which have remained real and alive for me over the years when all my other music seems old and worn.

One of my favorites from the Chasing Daylight album is "Life Got In The Way". I used to just happily sing along, not really giving the lyrics much thought. As I've gotten older, it's started to resonate with me more - in a general sense.

Our lives really are just a sequence of events. We hope these events are exciting and adventurous, that our interactions are ones of love and joy.

But real life often seems much less noteworthy.

Perhaps the challenge is finding the excitement and adventure, love and joy in these things we do every day. And then not letting the hiccups, the drudgery, the drama (the "life") get in the way.

As the Thanksgiving holiday is nearly upon us, I'm reminded of the simple joy of being at home with family - I'm so excited I'm scared to think about it (must focus on this presentation today!). But the point is, I need to keep these kinds of joys in my life - my daily life.

As the days, weeks, and months - well really, even years - keep zooming by, I realize more and more that I need to make space (and make sacred this space) for the small things I enjoy and the big possibilities that life presents. It's about finding that balance between savoring the moment and creating a future I'm excited to live. Otherwise, what's the point?

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