Wednesday, December 1, 2010

hello, poland

Warsaw Photodiary, Part I:

(my seat bos->zurich, breakfast, airport in zurich, new passport stamps, hotel & view in warsaw)

Monday afternoon. My phone rings. It's my manager. "Hey Amelia, how's it going? How do you feel about going to Poland on Wednesday?"

So here I am. Hello, Warsaw.. you are cold and grey. (Well below freezing and I think the sun set while I was in the shower at 3pm). Hopefully the gloom is just because it's dark out - daylight will offer some opportunities for exploration before I have client obligations, I hope.

Flight over was pretty nice. Swiss Air is great, especially when your boss gets you an upgrade to Business (thanks, John). Fully reclining chair made for decent sleep, plus there was good food, and my own tv made it complete.

Was met at baggage claim by my hotel limo service (Mercedes, cute driver) and took in some of the scenery enroute to the hotel.

I had an early dinner and some ginormous beers at some local joint with a few Americans I met in the hotel. Three UPS pilots, really fun guys. It's great meeting people with totally different lives.. adds a little perspective.

More photos will come soon.. of Thanksgiving in Baltimore and of (surprise!) Warsaw.

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