Saturday, December 25, 2010

saint nick

Merry Christmas, world.

It's been a while. I guess I could say "things have been crazy busy", which would be true but that's not the reason I haven't written. It's really because I feel like I don't have any good photos! Maybe it's time I invest in a new camera, and channel that asian in me (i.e., start snapping some photos already!)

I still owe a post from Thanksgiving, but now that the next holiday is upon us I figure I'll delay more and just think about Christmas.

It's a little unusual this year - just me and the parents. We drove down from Boston today and will be spending tomorrow / Christmas just the three of us. I suppose this is what happens as us kids get older and start having our own lives.
Part of me feels sad to not celebrate Christmas as usual this year. But it's also never been a huge holiday for us; really it's just been a time to come home and be with family. And that's just what I'm doing. There will be lots of cooking and feasting. And while there may not be a huge thing with piles of gifts and Santa Claus, I think it will be pretty great.

Plus, my parents already gave the invaluable gift of visiting and helping decorate! The apartment is still not photo-ready, but here are some new (or planned) additions:

(some assortment of west elm, ikea, pottery barn, cb2, etc...)

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