Tuesday, December 28, 2010

one-way mirrors

Coming home always ends up being a time for reflection.

This time around, the big realization that hit me in the face is we are growing up. This Christmas it was just me, Mom, and Dad. With
significant others strongly in the picture, it's never going to just be the five of us again; I have to share my siblings with other families. It depressed me for a little. But I've gotten over that. I'd still be depressed if I didn't like these pending additions to the family, but it's quite the contrary. They are absolutely wonderful.

Doing a quick recap in my head, this year presented significant challenges, introduced exciting opportunities, and resulted in a lot of evolution. Looking ahead, 2011 promises to continue this trend. Here's to the fruits and pains!

I'll be back in Boston in a few hours with some good company. I'm totally impressed with my packing skills and cannot wait to keep working on the apartment. Taking two weeks off was the greatest idea ever.

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