Sunday, December 5, 2010


Warsaw Photodiary, Part II:

(24 hours of warszawa)

Saying goodbye to Warsaw was bittersweet. It would have been ideal to extend my stay to truly explore the place... the museums, the parks (although summertime would have been ideal in this case), all the history and culture - Chopin, Cracow. Regardless it was a lovely whirlwind.

Photos above of my traipse through Old Town, the Royal Castle in all its gilded opulence, the Palace of Culture & Science, and other things:

Things that caught my eye (ornate clock-urns, men precariously cleaning snow from roofs, sparkly shiny things)...

Things that made me laugh (Ossolinski's great hair, free willy?)...

And things that made me happy (fuzzy fur hats, pastel reconstructed buildings, fun money, new passport stamps, and aerial sunsets).

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