Friday, December 31, 2010

best of 2010

Great year, great moments, great memories. Here are a few highlights:


The Boston dance family emerged with force in 2010: Static6 on ABDC, the evolution and great success of Static Noyze, the debut of ProNailz and Weapons of Mass, and new blood in the MIT dance scene.
My last shows with Ridonk were bittersweet (love you guys!).. three wolf moon shirts, Footwork2010 with Fannypak, winning the Roxy battle, an epic set without a happy ending,
Adlai losing his shoe in Rahway.
I transitioned into ProNailz, which has been such a wonderful thing in my life. I never thought I'd be in a girl group, but spending time and danci
ng with such talented, fun, and strong women has been my balance in life and a real source of energy and happiness. I love you girls (and Mama and Papa)!


It's been a year of expressions of love. Naba and Bejan got married and I've truly loved seeing their relationship and marriage strengthen each of them as individuals. My cousin Sarah's wedding was perhaps the most beautiful and sincere wedding I've ever attended - also sparking my desire to start this blog. Janina and Dan got engaged! Liz and Eric got engaged! It's been a great year for love, and it will continue into 2011 with weddings, wedding receptions, and celebrations.
EDIT: And Andrew and Jess got engaged! Just today!!! Aw baby brother...


I've done a bit of growing up in 2010, and little things have changed as a reflection. After a year+ being blond, I went back to brown. And I'm starting to lose interest in my piercings - let one close in.I recently celebrated my 4 year anniversary at work, and I feel I've actually accomplished quite a lot. Coming in I never expected to stay longer than two years. It was a bit of a struggle for me to decide whether to move on or to stick around for a little longer - I'll be sticking around.
After two years in a studio apartment (which was supposed to be my last Boston home and my last years here), I came to terms with my actually liking this city and upgraded to a bigger place. It took months of scouring listings and trolling the streets of Boston - only to bring me back to the same neighborhood - but I love it. New home, check.

It flew by, but 2010 has been the year. Bring it on, 2011 - I've been waiting for you!

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