Monday, October 18, 2010


Getting off the plane from Dallas on Friday was quite a shock. Went from mid-80s weather all week to mid-40s at night in Boston. Brr! Really not a fan of how we skip right over fall (and spring) here and pretty much go straight from summer to winter and back. Where did that in-between point go where I could go out in chunky sweaters and scarves?

Ran a bunch of errands this weekend. Really, just on Sunday because I was completely beat after Friday night shenanigans for Dinna's bday party. Picked up some seriously colorful cleaning appliances, a couple shoe racks (which make me SO happy), some new fancy hangers, and a painting.

(Twilight by EloiseXXX)

This large piece is a good start, but I will still be looking for a few additions. I still have to paint the trim in the living room and then may actually be ready to play with furniture layouts. Whee! It certainly helps that I'm actually in Boston this week, although working 12-hour days may not be too conducive to getting stuff done. Especially when work follows me home but I decide to post first instead.

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