Friday, October 29, 2010

goodbye, october

The weeks just keep flying by. Nothing incredibly interesting has happened recently, but here goes regardless...
The periodontist cut up my mouth a week or so ago, resulting in my being drugged up and unable to eat until about two days ago. The pain didn't really hit until about six days after surgery, and actually brought me to tears which really surprised me and kinda freaked me out since I tend to have a higher pain threshold. The surgeon even told me I'd make the perfect wife because I handle pain well. (This was before the tears, and also made me wonder what marital horrors he's been through...)

I acquired another painting, which I have yet to mount. It was done by a lovely Brazilian artist, Camila, whose warmth and ease I quickly recognized and admired.

(The Orange Place by Camila Silva)

I discovered my first grey hair. Had me wonder how long that's actually been there, just hiding amidst the fakeblonde. I guess the good news is, my real hair is coming back. Oh, by the way, I'm growing it out.

Work brought me to Chicago last week, but between the pain and drugs
I couldn't really eat anything, wine was out of the question, and it was depressing watching everyone play while I struggled to just stay awake. Through the haze, the highlights were the Museum of Science + Industry (particularly the Smart Home, which I found very inspiring for my own renovations) and Otom (their gnocchi was my first solid meal post-surgery, huge yum!).

(photos by J.B. Spector.. they didn't allow photography)

(otom, chicago)

It's Halloween and I haven't even had any candy today. Maybe it's time I ran to the store.

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