Thursday, October 14, 2010

howdy, y'all

While many of you were in bed Monday morning because it was Columbus Day / Canadian Thanksgiving / you are lazy, I was on a 6am flight to Dallas. Thank you, work.

But I really can't complain because the first two days here were kinda a paid vacation (although not what I would have picked on my own). I'm here doing a little bit of market research / consumer insights stuff for this project I'm on, so Monday and Tuesday were mostly "cultural safari", which is fancymarketingtalk for riding around Dallas in a limo bus checking stuff out, writing notes, and having profound thoughts. Not bad. Maybe I need to consider a career change.

Among many things work-related and not, I had an old-fashioned pharmacy-made lime freeze, had some crazygood jalapeno ranch popcorn, tasted many wines at Cork via a series of touchscreens which allow you to purchase a taste, glass or bottle (fun!), picked up some venezuelan fudge with rose petal jam and mahleeba (?!), and went to the Texas State Fair, which is apparently the largest state fair in the country, if not the world. Honestly, the fair was the least exciting for me, although the "corny dog" was really good. Was a little intimidated by the jalapeno cheese stuffed corny dog, which I slightly regret, although I'm sure my arteries thank me. I was also stuffed from a day of grazing, and chose to skip the fried beer, fried butter, fried pickles, fried s'mores.....


I'm really looking forward to American Thanksgiving, when the five of us will all actually be together in Baltimore. Christmas will be quite the different story, but I guess I can't always have it my way.

Also really excited for this weekend in Boston, as I feel like some progress is finally visible in the apartment. The living room is painted and the couch is moved in. I think I have some wall art and a rug picked out, so we might be getting civilized soon!

I need to find a way to dance more. And stretch.

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