Wednesday, July 24, 2013

living things

Adam very sweetly got me some flowers...

...which reminded me of my goal to bring more color into the home.  I haven't quite done that in a permanent way, but there is certainly a lot more greenery! For a few months we have had cuttings in the bedroom, which is otherwise still largely untouched project-wise.

And the window sill in the living room is now home to this season's basil.  Last year we bought a pot of basil from TJ's, but this time around I picked up one of the packages of fresh sprigs and just stuck it in some water.  I wasn't sure if anything would come of it but I had read that they would root and do quite well.  It seems that's true!

Lastly, remember how I was hoping to keep this orchid alive?

Well, after a few months it looked like this

Womp.  Advice: don't trust the people who say you can water your orchid with ice cubes.  The truth is you will freeze it's roots, its buds will fall off before they bloom, and it will slowly shed its leaves and die (or something like that).

BUT! if you stop treating it like a cocktail and water it normally, it juuuust might show signs of regrowth.


From the above basil photo you may have noticed how beat up our window sills are looking.  I'm hoping to get on that this summer.

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  1. A touch of plant is what we really need in our apartments, I believe.