Sunday, February 12, 2012

let there be light! {part 2}

The bathroom. is. beautiful.

It took far longer than initially expected, but things are looking goooood now! If you remember from my previous post, the lights were off center and ugly. So my mission was to cover over the right-hand junction box (which took many layers of spackle but patience was key) and then modify the light fixture's mounting plate to accommodate off-center wiring and mounting. Here's the before:

After spackling about 5 layers (and sanding once or twice in between) the right side was looking like this:

I then started to focus on the left - the power source for the new fixture. With the help of Adam's dad, we had extra holes drilled in the left of the mounting plate to accommodate hanging the fixture skewed from the junction box. I made marks on the right for additional heavy-duty drywall anchors and mounting to the stud.

OK so there wasn't actually a stud there, but some mysterious metal strip running along the drywall which the studfinder reacted to.. hence all the extra investigatory holes. Owell more drywall anchors will do.

After some sanding and three layers of paint, things finally started looking better:

And once that paint dried, we were ready to mount! Finallyyyy the final product (sorry about the weird color balance.. taking photos of lights isn't the easiest):

And also, some long-overdue beauty shots of the bathroom, including the new towel rod (gifted from Mom - leftover from the Baltimore home renovation), newly-painted cabinets with new handles, and assorted glass containers for makeup.

If any of you remember my post about painting chevrons way back, I did try it but didn't feel I had enough continuous wall for it to really read, so I went with the solid peach / pink.

ps. Adam uses the other bathroom so the pink and large display of makeup don't bother him at all. In fact he never comes in here haha

To recap, the before and after:

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