Saturday, February 4, 2012

let there be light!

The light situation in my bathroom is sad. The fixtures that came with the place are these dated oblong glass globes mounted on the wall (read: ugly). To make it worse, they are spaced really awkwardly. Check out the spacing (minus the glass, and yes the bulbs on the right have died):

Lucky for me, my dad is just the person to provide a solution. A while back he made this mock-up for me:

Basically I can mount a single fixture that is centered on the wall (!!!) and powered off of the left electrical supply. The one on the right won't be necessary and can be killed & covered. The fixture is this one he designed:

On Monday my new bathroom fixture showed up! I am so excited to install it, and have been busy prepping today. Hopefully next week these guys will be up and ready to show off.

Oh and I think I found a chandelier too! So much exciting lighting

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