Thursday, July 26, 2012

kitchen inspiration {exhaust hood + open shelving}

I can barely call the hallway bathroom facelift "done" and I'm already back into planning mode for the kitchen - I can't help it!  Being realistic, I think a full kitchen renovation is at least a year away but I figure it's helpful to document things I like along the way.  Since I've yet to cave in to Pinterest, I will continue to save my thoughts here.  

I started playing around with potential looks & layouts via Ikea's kitchen planner.  The general location of the major appliances and the sink will probably remain the same, but the storage space could be reconfigured and maximized, and I'd really like to install a proper exhaust hood over the range rather than a venting microwave.  Here's the mockup so far:
Note: There are cabinets to the right, just hidden from this view.  And it wouldn't let me put shelving to the right of the hood because the space is too small, but I'd want something more custom-sized anyway!
Remember my post back in January with an inspiration photo of open shelving in a U-shaped kitchen?

Well I'm still stuck on the open shelving.
I don't want open shelves everywhere because we have way to much clutter for that.  But if the above isn't possible, placing open shelves on that back wall flanking the exhaust hood makes sense to me to maximize storage and mix things up a little! 

So I've been looking for inspiration photos, paying attention to things like shelf placement, materials used (especially tiled walls), and shelf functionality (more decorative vs. loaded with stuff).  Here's what I've drummed up so far.  Sorry I don't have the original sources / photo credits for these, but they certainly aren't my own!

My shelves would be uneven in width like this, butting up against the left and right walls (glad to see lop-sided can still be pretty!):

The mix of functionality and decor in these is nice, and I like the clean look of the floating shelves:

I like these fully tiled walls and the stainless look to the shelves (again floating):

While floating shelves are pretty, brackets would do more heavy lifting (heavy holding?)  These ones are nice and clean looking vs. some others that are too ornate for my taste:

While this feel couldn't be achieved in my small space, I like the use of vertical height with multiple stacked shelves:

I think I prefer a fully tiled wall, but this look switches up the textures (and would be cheaper!) with tiles only coming up to the bottom shelf:

These mix up some materials in interesting ways, with multiple types of shelves, and with different wall coverings:

Update:  I just had to add more!  
While these don't feature range hoods, I'm liking the combination of white tile / walls and wood shelves.  In the first photo below, I especially love the changing scale of the pattern.  In the second photo I appreciate seeing the pairing of the wood (in a similar color to my floors) with white Ikea cabinets!

What do you think??

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